Friday, February 19, 2010

On being a home defender

This wonderful New Year though already six weeks in brought with it many changes, some great, some necessary and some challenging. The first of these was my angel Billie starting Pre-School. The first day was highly emotional for me. We have spent the past four years together though not Socrates I found his conversation highly stimulating and the idea of an entire morning without him was truly saddening. However all the despair went away at noon when I picked him up and he could barely stop raving about the first day of school. He spoke about his teacher, the boy that sat next to him, the swings in the playground and I knew then my tiny totter was beginning his journey to manhood.
The second was dear husband receiving a job offer he had so desperately been praying for. I know you are all thinking great news right??? WRONG. This meant him relocating to another city and basically sentencing us to a weekend only marriage. He likes to tease that I am his weekend special but surely if he has a weekend special there must be a "WEEKDAY" special. I am not one to nag nor am I one to make a mountain out of a mole hill but surely I did not sign up for this. To put it lightly it sucks. I hate having to wait weekends to see him and we are at this point in no position to all relocate. So now am stuck to having to make extra special meals Friday nights, try to look extra hot and give me a stellar homecoming welcome every time he comes home. Fun as this may sound I dont think its sustainable. Soon enough I will get tired of googling recipes online to impress him and my wardrobe will soon run out of cute outfits to impress him with. Well when that point comes thats when you my lovely readers will help me with ideas on creativity. I have been known to think "inside" the box, so maybe you are the people to get me out.

With both my men gone all the time the need of a housemaid has  become unnecessary, that and the fact that Delorese (my former maid) went "kumusha" [her village home] in December for Christmas and is yet to return. I could not be bothered to drive out there to find her and now am stuck hand-washing my husbands shirts and polishing the floors. You never value your helpers until they leave you out in the cold. She could have had the decency to call me and lie about one of her numerous mothers [Delorese's father is a polygamist of note, hence the multiple mothers] being sick however this did not happen hence my current predicament. I predict she will show up around late March with a sick excuse of a story, by that time she will be hoping to cash in on groceries for the Easter Holidays...hmmmm these brods can be sneaky at times. Last time I trust my mother to hook me up with a maid.

This brings us to our gardener "Solo" short for Solomon who was recently promoted to neighborhood gardener. Basically my husband feared with him being gone I would get bored and commit acts of infidelity with the gardener. Lord knows where he got that idea from??? Well I guess my hours of binging on Desperate Housewives had something to do with this preposterous idea. I guess in his mind I have the mind of Gabrielle Solis but I guess he forgot Solo does not in anyway resemble Jesse Metclafe. Well whatever makes him feel happy. Due to my hubby's insecurities he thought it a great idea to have Solo on a part time basis. He comes once or twice a week to keep the garden looking decent. With this new arrangement Solo would not have been able to meet all his needs with a part time salary and so my ever so wonderful husband found him two other gardening gigs in the neighborhood that have helped keep him afloat. At first I was really upset about the whole arrangement however Solo has become a good source of neighborhood gossip. With him being in contact with two maids at the other two homes and the rest of the neighborhoods maids it keeps well in the radar with whats really happening.

So quickly lets do the head count, my baby(billie not his father), is hardly at home, my husband is gone all week, the maid is "missing", and Solo is seen infrequently it leaves me all alone or as that viper MaiShungu put it the other day at church, a "home defender." I dont like my current disposition and plan on changing it and you my readers will be the proponents to this change.

I need suggestions on how to get out of the house more often and stay out of trouble. Please comment and share your suggestions. Meanwhile the dishes from the entire week have been piling up, better get on that and clean the rest of the house...its that day of the week I ardently anticipate- Friday my husband comes home. Keep safe and enjoy the weekend.


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  2. Hello there, i noticed you followed me, so i decided to investigate you which led me to your interesting entries.
    Im compelled to suggest something, how about exercising......?

  3. You obviously have writing ability. Why dont you write a novel or start off by submitting short stories or articles to magazines to ease you into it. You can write about things which require you leaving the house to do the research.

    A word of warning: as my late mother used to say anyone who brings a story carries a story so nix the gossiping with Solo.

  4. @Nyasha I will look into exercise though a rather daunting task I will give it some thought!

    @Lady A Novel! wow thats a huge leap. Marondera does not quite offer much to get one into any kind of interesting investigative journalism. About Solo you have not heard the half of it!

  5. ya it is likely to be so interesthing stuff so wanna say hi everyone how things going on so far

  6. hi secret diary i thing i have some idea to share with u is not hundred% safe or might a trouble for u but it might be a good one for u why dont u just tell the true to your husband that u wanted to get more freedom from him try to be more open minded when u talk to him im sure it will work better and im sure your husbands love is freedom for u u will love each others more .hi natasya nice to know u im quite sure i wanted to know u more

  7. You definately will make a good writer.....Or try become a business woman, selling and all, which might require you to leave home quite a lot as well. That might take your mind off your husband a little. .......

    Distance is really hard, especially when you are married. Women are really emotional creatures, we need to have our men with us, we need love and all that, so please try to make the most of your time together every weekend. Don't think about anything else while you with him, enjoy your man and forget about running out of outfit (Mix and Match) What you should worry about is how to impress him with cute lingerie... *Wink*

  8. Take a class, read a book, learn a skill, write, volunteer in a homeless shelter or nursing home:)

  9. just found this blog today. love it. keep up the good work.